What Replaced The Fitbit Surge

Is the Fitbit Surge no longer available? Although it has been one of our most popular products, we will shortly cease offering Fitbit Surge. As discussed before in this discussion, sizes and colors of Surge are presently in short supply. If you’re in the market for a new gadget, we suggest Ionic. When did Fitbit … Read more

What Does Network Unlock Mean

What does it mean for a mobile phone to be network unlocked? 1-1 of 1 Answer Unlocking a device at the factory indicates that it was obtained straight from the manufacturer. It was offered to consumers pre-unlocked and ready for usage with the carriers supported by its built-in bands. While network unlock indicates that a … Read more

why is my power supply clicking and not turning on

How do you repair a power supply that clicks? Ensure that your PSU is correctly installed. Check the Screws for Mounting. Examine the Wires. Verify PSU Connections Determine If Overclocking Is the Problem. Check To See If The PSU Fan Is Defective Or Dirty. Examine The Input and Output Ports Why does my PSU make … Read more

What Do You Do If Your Ipod Nano Gets Wet

How do you restore a water damaged iPod nano? Using cotton or a cloth and rubbing alcohol, wipe the parts. Then, wrap them in a plastic bag along with uncooked rice or silica gels. Either of these substances will absorb moisture off the iPod. The good news is that all iPod models are professionally crafted … Read more

How Do I Install Logitech Performance Mx Mouse

How can I link my MX mouse to my computer? Hold the Easy-Switch button down for three seconds. This sets the mouse into discoverable mode so that your computer can detect it. The LED will begin rapidly blinking. How do I install the software for a Logitech mouse? Visit the official Logitech website and do … Read more

How To Loop On Idvd

How can I repeat a DVD automatically? Configure the A B button on the DVD remote. You may have overlooked these buttons on your remote control. Utilize the DVD’s menu. Enable the feature “play all” Select the repeat option. Playing your DVD on your computer will cause it to automatically repeat. How do you burn … Read more

How Do You Fix A Stretched Otterbox Case

How can a warped OtterBox case be repaired? If the outside rubber casing of your Otterbox is detaching from the inside hard plastic case, you may repair it by boiling it! When the water in a pot begins to boil, switch off the heat. Leave the rubber component in the saucepan for two minutes. Then … Read more

What Band Looks Best With Space Grey Apple Watch

What color straps are compatible with the space grey Apple Watch? Space Gray Aluminum by Apple is dark, virtually black, and a matching dark band complements it well. Especially if you wear a lot of black and want your watch to blend in, you can’t go wrong with a black-on-black-on-black ensemble. What color complements space … Read more

Is Lightroom Compatible With El Capitan

Which Lightroom is compatible with El Capitan? Tethering Nikon digital cameras El Capitan supports tethering Nikon cameras as of Lightroom CC 2015.4 and Lightroom 6.4. How can I use Lightroom on an aging Mac? Launch the Creative Cloud desktop application by clicking the Creative Cloud icon on the Windows taskbar or the Apple menu bar … Read more

Does Best Buy Charge Card For Preorders

How does Best Buy pre orders work? Best Buy will approve your payment method with your bank when you make a pre-order, which will result in a temporary authorisation hold. The hold should be automatically withdrawn and the monies remitted to your account within a few business days. Are pre-orders promptly billed? Pre-ordering is as … Read more