How Do I Cancel My New York Post Subscription

How do I subscribe online to The New York Post? Visit or call 1-800-557-7669 to subscribe. Can I choose the number of days per week that I get the newspaper?

Does the New York Post have an app? Our app, which is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has everything you would expect from The Post: breaking news, exclusive gossip, smart business reporting, opinionated columnists, and the greatest sports coverage in the area. Our most recent release includes more photographs and videos than ever before.

How can I discontinue newspaper delivery during my vacation? Call your newspaper firm one week before to your departure to provide adequate time for the company to inform your carrier. The number may be found in the phone directory, on the bill, or in the newspaper.

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Does the NY Post app cost anything?

Download our mobile app for free | The New York Post.

How can I discover my subscriber number for The New York Times?

FIND YOUR HOME DELIVERY ACCOUNT NUMBER You may find your home delivery account number on your delivery label or at the top of your billing statement. If your subscription to The New York Times is supplied by an independent supplier and you need help getting your account number, contact your provider immediately.

How can I contact the New York Times?

Report a Correction or Provide Comments To report coverage inaccuracies, please email [email protected] or call 844-NYTNEWS and leave a message (844-698-6397). To submit comments or article ideas, please visit the Reader Center.

How can I contact NY magazine?

International (non-US, non-Canadian) subscribers may contact our Telephone Customer Service at 00-1-800-678-0900 or by email at [email protected].

Is the New York Post app free to download?

Join us now for a free 30-day trial* of the New York Post app. The application is a page-by-page duplicate of the newspaper. The papers from the past fifteen days are always accessible. Download issues to your iPad for offline reading, and preserve them for as long as you want.

Can I read the NY Post online?

Now, you can read The New York Post e-Edition whenever and wherever you choose. The New York Post e-Edition is accessible at home or at the office, and is identical to the printed version available at newsstands.

Who owns the New York Post?

Rupert Murdoch, the founder of Fox News, purchased the Post for $30.5 million in 1976. Since 1993, News Corporation and its successor, News Corporation, have controlled the Post. In 2018, its distribution ranked fourth in the U.S.

How much is the New York Sunday Post?

The cost of the Sunday edition is $1.25. There was no explanation for the reversal, but a price increase for a newspaper whose paid readership has fallen below 170,000 would undoubtedly damage sales further.

Is the New York Post the oldest publication?

The New York Post is a daily newspaper with its headquarters in New York, New York. The newspaper is owned by News Corporation and is the oldest continually published daily newspaper in the United States.

How can I cancel my subscription to a newspaper?

If you have an account on the newspaper’s website, log in. Call or contact the customer care department of the newspaper and ask to terminate your account. If you are going on vacation, inform the newspaper’s customer care staff that you want to temporarily suspend delivery.

How do I cancel my New York Times subscription?

Choose Suspend Delivery: in the Your subscriptions area of your New York Times account page.
. choose, Add suspension Enter the date of cessation and the date of reinstatement of your delivery suspension: Examine your suspension dates and pick from the following credit options:

How can I manage my membership to The New York Times?

On your account page, go to the Subscription Overview section. choose Modify subscription Choose one option from the section Change subscription. Review the specifics of your subscription change, including your new rate and conditions, by selecting Review Changes. Then, choose Confirm.

Can the New York Post be read on a Kindle?

I appreciate having the New York Post sent on my Kindle Fire. It gives me the impression of reading a newspaper. We appreciate your comments. This newspaper and its format are excellent.

How can I cancel my NYT subscription online?

You may cancel your NYTimes membership without calling by logging into your account on the internet. Once logged in, choose the Account tab and scroll down to the option labeled Cancel Subscription. To cancel your subscription, click on the link and follow the directions.

Do I have a subscription to The New York Times?

If there is no Subscription overview section on your account page, then your New York Times account does not have an active subscription. Choose an option below to discover more about the subscriptions provided by The New York Times: Digital Access.

How can iPhone users cancel subscriptions?

Launch the App Settings. Tap your name. Select Subscriptions Tap the subscription to subscribe. Tap Cancel Membership. You may need to scroll down to locate the option labeled “Cancel Subscription.”

How can I send The New York Times an email?

To reach the Editor of the Editorial Page, send an email to [email protected]. Email [email protected] to report a mistake in a news story.

What does a membership to The New York Times include?

The New York Times news and analysis, in addition to Cooking, Games, and Wirecutter. In-depth reporting, research, and analysis on The New York Times website and app. Spelling Bee, The Mini, over 10,000 crosswords, and other puzzles may be found online and on The New York Times Crossword app.

How can I update my New York magazine address?

How can I modify my address? You may change your address online, by calling Customer Care at 1-800-825-2510, by email, or by sending a letter to The New Yorker Customer Care, PO Box 37681, Boone, IA 50037-0681. For quicker processing, include the information on the postal label attached to your most recent issue.

How can I contact the columnists of The New York Times?

Business. [email protected]. Editorial. [email protected] . Foreign. [email protected]. Send your letter to [email protected]. . Metro. [email protected] The New York Times’s sports section may be reached at [email protected]. . New York Times. [email protected] [email protected] is the email address for the National section of The New York Times.

What is the nation’s oldest newspaper?

The Hartford Courant is the country’s oldest continuously published newspaper, having been founded prior to American independence. Thomas Green, a printer from New Haven, started printing The Hartford Courant (then known as The Connecticut Courant) at the Heart and Crown Tavern in Hartford, Connecticut, on October 29, 1764.

Who founded the New York Post?

Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post in 1801, and it has been publishing tales for nearly two centuries. Narratives that form the world.