Is There A Super Siri Mode

What is the coolest ability Siri has? Siri Translate. Siri Commands for Sports. Siri Cinema Listings. Bedtime Story by Siri. Siri Car Parking. Google Search through Siri. Play Dice or Flip a Coin with Siri. Change Your Name, Siri.

What is Siri’s secret password? Kazuhisa, who worked with Konami on multiple blockbuster games, including Gradius, died away last year at the age of 79. To enter the Konami code on your iPhone, you must first say “Hey Siri” (Sir’s wake phrase). Following that, list the Konami code: Down Down Left Right Left Right B A. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A.

What are Siri’s coolest features? Raise To Speak. Siri is often activated by pushing and holding the iPhone’s Home button. Post To Twitter Or Facebook. Look For Tweets. Alter it. Siri Can Do Math. Save to Evernote Directly. Location-dependent Reminders Convert Measurements.

Is There A Super Siri Mode – RELATED QUESTIONS

How can you make Siri chuckle creepily?

How can you make Siri laugh eerily? Did you know Siri can be made to laugh? There is no need to give her a joke; just use a specific ‘nickname’ and then listen to Siri attempt to pronounce it. This man tried it, and the results are both amusing and little unsettling.

What shouldn’t you tell Siri?

“Howdy Siri, why are you vibrating?” “Hey Siri, say filthy to me.”. “Hey Siri, which medicine should I take?” “Hey Siri, please read me a poem.” “Hey Siri, do you want to marry me?” “Hey Siri, which color is your favorite?” “Hey Siri, what knowledge does Jon Snow have?” “Hey Siri, please give me a tale.”

Can Siri be made to whisper?

Apple Provided a Whisper Mode for HomePod The simplest method is to just command Siri to turn it on or off. Saying “Hey Siri, switch on automatic Siri volume” to your HomePod activates the capability. Simply say “Hey Siri, turn off automatic Siri volume” to disable automatic Siri volume.

What commands does Siri support?

Call [name]. Write [name]. FaceTime [name]. Send [name] an email. Examine my voicemails. Consider my messages. Open [app]. Take a photograph.

How can you make Siri call you a nerd?

Simply activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” and then read the cheat instructions to the Virtual Assistant. Siri will label you a “cheater” or a “geek” in response.

What happens when you tell Siri Up Down Left Right Start?

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A, often known as the Konami Code, was designed by programmer Kazuhisa Hashimoto and is the most widely used cheat code in the world. Siri’s answer to this statement is… ‘NERD,’ ‘cheater,’ or ‘I’m becoming dizzy.

How do you get Siri to utter 100 zeros?

Ask Siri on the iPhone what 10 trillion times 10 to the 100th power equals, and you’ll receive a flawless, very simple two-step. “The answer is,” Siri says, “one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero …”

What Siri is incapable of?


What odd things can you ask Siri?

Siri, do swine fly? Siri, can you make me laugh? Siri, what are some funny knock-knock jokes? Siri, can you sing me a song? Siri, can you make me a beatbox? Siri, do I look good? Siri, can you sing me a lullaby? Will you follow me on Twitter, Siri?

What happens if Siri is asked 0 divided by 0?

Before and after I questioned Siri about 0 divided by 0. Ask Siri what 0 divided by 0 is, and you will immediately understand she is the most authentic arithmetic instructor ever. When Siri informs you that you do not have any friends or cookies.

How can I have Siri call me Daddy?

To launch Siri, press and hold the Home button. Declare, “From now on, you may name myself John Doe.” Siri will verify the new name on your behalf. This will modify the “nickname” field in your contact information.

How can I get Siri to address me as “boss”?

You may also tell Siri the connection you have with any of your contacts, for example, “Michael Scott is my supervisor.” After that, you may say “Call my boss” to Siri and she will call the correct number. Here are further iOS tricks!

Can you give Siri a nickname?

You cannot alter Siri’s name, but you may select how Siri addresses you. Create a card in the Contacts app with the name Siri should use to address you, and Siri will use that name. You may also say “Hey Siri, please call [NAME].”

What happens if you tell Siri you are 17?

In actuality, the hack does not function, and if you say “17” to Siri, you will accidentally contact emergency services. According to the Siri user guide, iPhones dial the local emergency number regardless of whose emergency number is spoken.

What happens if you speak 999 to Siri?

Simply request Siri to dial 999 or “Call emergency services” if you need to contact the emergency services using your voice assistant. Siri provides a five-second countdown, enabling customers who accidentally dialed 911 to terminate the call without disrupting emergency services.

What does Siri do if you say 14?

On an iPhone 12 running iOS 14.5, speaking the numbers 14 and 03 to Siri results in a response rather than an emergency call being made automatically. Siri gives a message indicating the number is used in certain regions to call emergency services.

What will the future Siri be like?

According to a patent application revealed today, Apple may be experimenting with new methods for Siri to talk depending on ambient circumstances. This would provide Siri with capabilities comparable to the Amazon Alexa platform.

How come Siri is so loud?

Siri automatically adjusts the HomePod’s volume depending on the ambient noise level. When Siri is not speaking, you may adjust the volume by tapping – or + on the top of your HomePod.

Why is Siri on Airpods so loud?

Siri’s answer volume is automatically adjusted by HomePod depending on the ambient noise level, your distance from HomePod, and how loudly you talk to Siri. You may activate or deactivate automatic volume by saying “Hey Siri, activate automated Siri volume” or “Hey Siri, deactivate automatic Siri volume.”

What happens if you say 000 to Siri?

If you really need emergency assistance, you may say 000 or “call emergency services” to Siri. Siri will then provide a five-second countdown and the option to cancel or call prior to this time.

What happens when you tell Siri the number 108?

All iPhone owners tell Siri 108. You are very welcome. 108, it turns out, is India’s equivalent of a 999 emergency services call, so when a user says the three-digit number to Siri, it assumes there is an emergency and connects the user to the emergency services number in their geographical region, in our instance 999.

What is Siri’s most popular voice?

Susan Alice Bennett (born Susan Alice Cameron on 31 July 1949) is an American voice actor and former backup vocalist for Roy Orbison and Burt Bacharach. Since the service’s introduction on the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011, she is best known as the female American voice of Apple’s Siri personal assistant.