Mumbai Indians stand-in captain Kieron Pollard’s sensational 83-run knock included three fours and 10 sixes

After a lot of controversy against KL Rahul. On Wednesday, he provided more evidence, on which he was moving as he put his head down and hit with a bat for playing a flawless inning so that Kings XI Punjab got an unbeaten 100 in 64 balls at 197/4.

The game was going through unexpected things because, on the pitch of the Wankhede stadium, stand-in captain Kieron Pollard started to hit everywhere, 83 runs in 31 balls with 10 sixes to win over opponents and put eclipse on the effort of Rahul.

When Pollard was out then match had on victory boundary, Mumbai needed four runs on four balls. Along with Rahul Chahar at the other end, Alzari Joseph succeeded to win the match and complete unexpected chase target.

Alzari support to Pollard for winning this match

Alzari was standing at the other end to help Kieron Pollard and for the 7th wicket, 54 runs in 3.4 overs for both of them. This partnership became the main turning point for the victory of Mumbai Indians. In the last two overs, Mumbai Indians needed 32 runs.

In the 19th over, Kieron Pollard hit two sixes and one four and scored 17 runs. After that, Mumbai was to score 15 runs in the last six balls. Kieron Pollard pulls the bat and hit six on the first ball of the last over and by chance, this ball was no ball. After this miracle, now Mumbai needed 8 runs in 6 balls to win.

After that, Pollard hit again the first ball for four. On the second ball, he was caught out at a boundary. Mumbai needed 4 runs in the last 4 balls to win. The third ball no run, Furth ball 1 run, fifth ball 1 run, last ball 2 runs. And this way, Mumbai Indians won the match.

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