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Cricket – The most popular sport in our country.

Whenever we talk about any sports, the foremost game which comes to our mind is cricket. Especially in India, majority of the population is cricket fan. It is the most watched game in our country. Children in most of the streets of our nation play this game. Ironically, because of its popularity in our country people often forget that hockey is our national sport. All the love which a national sport deserves is showered upon cricket. No wonder in our country cricket is another religion.

What is so special about cricket? Why no other game has not attained the popularity as cricket has? There are simple reasons behind this. Cricket is simple as well as an interesting sport. Even if a person does not play this game, it is not difficult for him to understand it. The simplicity of this game has earned it so many fans. For a player who plays cricket, it is always a matter of pride to win match against the opponent with the effort of his whole team. Cricket is one such game where team spirit is tested the most.

The successful cricketers of India, the name and fame they earn, the glamorous life they can afford, and the immense love they receive from the fans, all these contribute to the popularity of this sport. These reasons also are responsible for making it one of the most sought after sport career among youngsters. In India, two categories of celebrities are revered and loved the most, first the film stars and second the cricket stars. The majority of advertisements we see on television features either of them endorsing the products or services. The reason being simple people easily get convinced by their presence and become a prospective customer of a particular brand.

Cricket as a sport will always remain in the hearts of people. The different formats of cricket matches will keep on entertaining the cricket lovers. The immensely talented and hard-working players will get the opportunity to build their destiny by earning name and fame through this sport.

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How Dhoni guides young players…

Indian Cricket Team has got too many jewels like Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly, Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid etc but M.S.Dhoni is one of the brightest one. He has kept on learning many things with the passage of time. His entry in Indian Team was as a wicketkeeper and batsaman but with his elite performance he became the captain of Indian Team. Perhaps it was the best opportunity for him as he learnt a lot from seniors, time and opportunities. Every small opportunities was a challenge for him & he converted maximum into success. It is always interesting to see how Dhoni guides young players.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Virat Kohli
     Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Virat Kohli

The biggest quality of MSD is his coolness and guidance ability. He always says that he wants to be good human being. Cricket is just a passion for him because he feels he is good at cricket. While playing cricket, MSD has felt cricket internally. He has developed great skills and got experienced with time.

M.S. Dhoni with Virat Kohli

Several winning moments like T20 World Cup 2007, ICC World Cup 2011, Champions Trophy, IPL games gave him many learning. Now a days he has become inspiration for the new young players. We always keep on seeing him guiding young players. His ideas works on and off the ground. Many players consider him their lucky charm. Staying behind the stumps he has seen much cricket which is a plethora of learning for the new comers. Virat Kohli always considers his decisions best as he feels Dhoni is excellent in decision making.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Trophies
     Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Trophies

Many times when bowlers get frustated or become tensed then Dhoni motivates them, inspire them and this turns out to be magic for him. Dhoni gives chance to new players as he knows the talent of players. As a captain cum human being Dhoni has always been excellent. The bad times come in the life of everyone but Dhoni handles all situations gently. He knows success comes by virtue of your hard work and putting more efforts. While batting on the field he teaches the lesson of handling pressure and game gently. The young players learn these lessons. Rohit Sharma has learnt a lot from Dhoni. He reveals his success due to MSD.

Dhoni giving cap

The coming generation is very lucky that he has created the strong foundation of Indian cricket in the whole world. Keep on learning & keep on becoming excellent day by day.