About Us

Thecricguru seeks to provide you, the reader, with the greatest technology-related content possible. We are a group of youthful, intelligent experts that like technology.

Technology is not only an industry to us. It goes beyond that. Technology is a cultural phenomenon. Technology is a lifestyle. Similar to the seasons, technology is always evolving. This is how the name Thecricguru was conceived.

Thecricguru is in many ways representative of all of us. We are daring, edgy, and modern. We also have some distinct features. Technology adoration is now prevalent.

You are no longer identified as a nerd on the street. Neither should you. While some websites openly cling to this reputation, we want to defy it. We are folks just like you.

Where do we fit among the numerous tech blogs on the Internet? How can we distinguish ourselves from the competition? Why should you have faith in us? First, we have a really cohesive team.

We are on the same page and know what we want from Thecricguru. We function as a team. Second, we evaluate our own inventory. In other words, we do not create fraudulent reviews. We are similar to you in that we sometimes seek for evaluations for ourselves.

It disgusts us beyond comprehension that spammers are now contaminating the Internet with phony reviews. Lastly, we shall be loyal to ourselves. If we dislike anything, you will be informed without apology. We speak exactly what we mean and mean exactly what we say.