why is youtube not showing the videos ive watched

How can I recover erased viewing history? Enable the ‘Display deleted items’ option to only display the deleted file. Tap the ‘Recover’ button to retrieve the selected items from the browser history.

Is it OK to clear the cache? Android cache removal may free up important storage space and alleviate energy, performance, and security concerns. The corruption of outdated cached data might result in worse performance issues.

Does YouTube history consume storage space? No, YouTube does not keep any information on the videos you see. However, a list of videos you’ve seen in the past will be saved in the History tab of the YouTube app.

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When did YouTube go offline?

YouTube was down for roughly one hour and two minutes on October 16, 2018, along with YouTube Music and YouTube TV. When users attempt to access YouTube, the site displays a blank page with no videos.

What information would I lose if I delete my cache?

Clearing the cache deletes just temporary files. It will not delete login information, downloaded files, or custom settings.

What are the disadvantages of clearing the cache?

If you erase the cache, a previously cached website will be required to download the next time you visit. This new download will result in the creation of a new cache. The only disadvantage is that the next time you visit a website, a download will be required.

How often must I clean my cache?

How often must I clean my cache? The majority of users only need to delete their caches once or twice each month. Typically, this is when your browser’s cache becomes big enough to begin slowing things down. If you often visit several websites, you should err on the side of frequently deleting your cache.

What does it mean to clear cache?

When you use a browser, such as Chrome, certain website data is stored in its cache and cookies. Erasing them resolves difficulties such as site loading or formatting issues. Android ComputeriPad and iPhone

How do I clear up space on YouTube?

When you choose certain applications under the “Storage” settings area on an Android phone, you often have the choice to clear the cache or delete all data. Clearing the cache eliminates temporary files, such as YouTube or Chrome’s search history.

Which applications do I need to delete?

Cleaning Software Unless your phone is severely lacking in storage capacity, you do not need to regularly clean it. Antivirus. Antivirus applications seem to be the most popular. Battery Saving Applications RAM Savers. Bloatware. Standard Web browsers

Is Instagram in decline?

Instagram is in decline. In a 2021 study conducted by the financial services company Piper Sandler, just 22 percent of adolescents ranked Instagram as their preferred social media network, placing it third behind Snapchat and TikTok.

How can YouTube be reset on an iPhone?

Tap the “History” tab on the Settings page to see your YouTube history. Tap the trash can symbol and choose “Clear History” from the pop-up menu to delete all previously seen videos. If you are connected in to your YouTube account on several devices, this will also remove the history from each device.

Does deleting the watched history result in the deletion of views?

No, it won’t. Clearing the viewing history may have an influence on your recommendations, but it will not eliminate YouTube views for the video.

How much time is required to unfreeze YouTube Views?

It might take between 24 and 48 hours to refresh the views. YouTube Team takes extra time to update the view count of a video from a previously underperforming channel. They do so to determine if the opinions are authentic or fabricated.

How do you update YouTube on your TV?

Activate the HOME button. select Preferences. choose Setup. Select Network. choose Reload Internet Content.

What exactly is cache?

A cache — pronounced CASH — is hardware or software used in a computer system to temporarily store anything, often data. It is a tiny quantity of quicker, more costly memory used to enhance the performance of recently or often accessed data.

Is Cache Deletion Safe?

The accumulation of data on an Android smartphone causes it to become bloated, however emptying the app cache may rectify this condition. Learn how to delete Android’s cache to improve performance and free up space. Then, further optimize your phone with a free cleaning program.

Should I clear my cookies?

You should never accept cookies, and if you do, you should immediately remove them. Expired cookies. If a website page has been altered, cookie-cache information may be incompatible with the new site. This might cause issues the next time you attempt to upload this page.

What is the difference between the cache and the history?

Every time you view a website with your web browser, it saves or “caches” the page. Periodically deleting the cache of your browser will improve its performance. What are your browser’s history logs? This is a list of all the web pages you have viewed.

When should browsing history be cleared?

Over time, your browser’s propensity to retain information might create issues with logging in or loading webpages. It is usually a good idea to regularly clean your cache and browser history, as well as your cookies.

Is clearing history same as clearing cache?

That concludes the discussion! This page addresses the most often asked issue, “Is removing cache equivalent to wiping browser history?” You now understand that cache and browser history are separate data, and removing one does not destroy the other.

What happens when browsing history is deleted?

Internet history: When you clear your internet history, the following are deleted: The visited websites are erased from the History page. These links have been deleted from the New Tab page. No longer are address bar predictions for these websites shown.

Does turning the phone off clear the cache?

To clear the system cache on your phone, you must first restart the device in recovery mode. To do this, shut down the smartphone, then simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down buttons until the phone restarts.

What is concealed cache?

Because it is inefficient to continuously download this data, developers design applications to keep it locally in a specific storage region known as hidden cache. As its name suggests, a hidden cache is concealed from view, making it easier to ignore it during routine maintenance.

Why would you want to clear the cache?

It is wise to erase your browser’s cache since doing so protects you from utilizing outdated forms. safeguards your private information. improves the performance of our programs on your computer.